The Wahiawa Hospital Foundation was formed in 2003 “to benefit health care services and programs serving Central and North Shore Oahu.”

The Foundation helps support Wahiawa General Hospital. It is “where caring comes first” and generations of Hawaii residents and visitors have received healthcare and long term care services at this facility. It is a part of Oahu’s emergency services system that lets people access healthcare assistance within the Golden Hour and thousands of people every year are treated at this facility — young people who hurt themselves playing sports; surfers who experience injuries; tourists who overextend themselves hiking; ranchers and farmers who need primary care; uncles and aunties, grandmas and grandpas, moms, dads, and all the kids too!

Together, we all support healthcare services and programs serving Central and North Shore Oahu!

Making your donation is convenient, secure, and easy to do. Simply click on “Donate” and you will be connected to our secure site. There, you can select to make your donation with your credit card or debit card. If you prefer to postal mail a check, you will also find information about our postal mailing address and information about how to donate your vehicle too!

Thank you for your thoughtful donation! Central and North Shore Oahu, no ka oi!!!